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“Scott Olsen is My Hero”

Cub Scott.jpgNo, it will probably never be a slogan for the local chapter of Cub Scouts. But in my teal universe, where quality starts have been few and far between (1:1,000,000,000), Scott Olsen might as well be Mother Theresa right now.

7 2/3 innings pitched. Three earned runs. A break for our battle-weary bullpen. Apparently Scottie has heard my pre-season cry, and has taken matters into his own hands to grant me my wish. Of course on the night somebody in our rotation finally decides to go deeper than 1/12 of an inning into a ballgame, FSN Florida chooses not to broadcast it. So I didn’t actually get to witness the glory firsthand, but that’s not stopping me at all from basking in its warm glow. Thank you, Scott Olsen. Thank you. My firstborn will be your namesake. (Yes, I am that happy, people.)

I guess the Fish didn’t want to give us too awful much to be thrilled about last night, so our defense managed to pull another couple of errors out of their bag of tricks. In all fairness, it really wouldn’t have been a proper return from the DL for Hermida otherwise. For Jeremy, nothing says “I’m ba-ack” quite like a classic misplay of the ball. It’s almost comforting, in a way.

I’m also thinking it’s a pretty good thing Cantu‘s bat has decided to wake from its coma, mainly because our new third baseman has committed nearly half of the team’s total errors all by himself. By my calculations, we’re on pace to lead the majors in E’s this season with 150…About 60 of those will belong to Jorge. Sure, we may miss Miggy’s bat, but thank God we’ve replaced his shoddy defense at the hot corner. It’s like Larry Beinfest always says: offense may be sexy, but good defense wins ball games.

Real glad you’ve made the necessary moves in that direction, Lar.

In closing, congratulations are in order for Burke Badenhop. Not only does the young pitcher have one of the best names in baseball, he also pitched a perfect ninth inning for the Fish in his Major League debut last night. Kudos, Hop. Thanks for not suc*ing. (And please be aware that the previous writings of goodwill are likely to be retracted if we do not see six or seven innings just like that in your start Sunday. Just so you know.)