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Fish Fall Short of Philths

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So close.

Jorge Cantu had the perfect opportunity to extend his RBI streak another game, and the Marlins very nearly snatched victory from the jaws of an ugly defeat on a rainy night at Citizen’s Bank Park. But in the end–no cigar.

The Marlins headed into Philly riding a two game win streak, and were met with the perfect antidote to victory:Roy Halladay.

Well, on second thought, the antidote to victory may have been Anibal Sanchez, who threw 35 pitches in a disaster of a first inning. Anibal walked three and gave up three RBI singles to put the Phillies up 3-0 in their first at-bat. In the second, Placido Polanco homered off of Sanchez to give the Phillies a four-run lead, and by the fifth inning, the Marlins were in a 5-0 hole.

While Sanchez struggled, Halladay made quick work of the Fish. He allowed just two runs on eight hits in eight innings of work. In the top of the fourth, Dan Uggla hit a solo shot to left, and the Marlins added another run against Halladay in the seventh inning on an RBI double from Hanley Ramirez.

Jorge Cantu had no luck against Halladay in his attempt to add to his Major League record of 10 straight games with an RBI to open a season. Jorge was 1 for 4 with a single against the Phillies ace, and didn’t drive in a run. Cantu was the last batter Halladay faced in the game, and he flied out to right field to end the inning, and seemingly his RBI streak.

Anibal settled down after the third inning and held the Phillies scoreless through the sixth. He left the game after allowing five runs on eight hits and four walks before the Marlins went to the bullpen.

Dan Meyer‘s struggles on the mound continued in the seventh inning when he gave up three runs without recording an out. Chase Utley hit a home run to lead off the inning, and Jayson Werth and Juan Castro both drove in runs to put the Phillies up 8-2.

Leroux made his second relief appearance for the Marlins. Chris recorded the three outs that had eluded Dan Meyer, and tossed a scoreless eighth inning.

The Fish mercilessly toyed with our emotions in ninth when they sent nine batters to the plate and scored four runs to pull within two of the Phillies.Then, it was nearly poetic when Cantu came to bat with two on and two out in the top of the ninth. Cantu, who had recorded the last out of the eighth inning, was given yet another shot at extending his RBI streak.

Unfortunately both Jorge’s and the Marlins’ luck ran out there. Cantu grounded out to end the game as well as his RBI streak, and the Fish dropped game one of their road trip to the reigning National League champs.


O Canada

cody loves canada.jpgWell I don’t know about you, but I sure am enjoying our neighbors to the North! And I’m willing to bet Cody Ross is seriously considering some kind of dual citizenship right about now… 

Cody has been on a tear since crossing the border, hitting his third grand slam of the season for the Marlins Friday night, and adding another home run and a couple doubles in Saturday’s game. And he’s not the only Fish thriving in that crisp Ontario air.

Friday night the Marlins continued to prove they’re not afraid of no Cy Young winner… Um, but just fyi Blue Jays, in this particular case that has less to do with Roy Halladay’s skills on the mound, and more to do with the fact that it’s a little hard to shake in your boots when you’re at bat staring down a pitcher who looks like he’s just been thrown up by the Easter Bunny. 
Seriously, Toronto? I really wish I could have been in on that creative meeting…
So, uniforms. Picture strong. Formidable. Intimidating. Something that will really strike fear and respect in our opponents… are you picturing it? OK, the opposite of that.” Then again, their mascot is a blue jay, so maybe intimidation was never really an option.
I’m not usually a fan of the American League, but I will say I’m definitely enjoying this whole DH thing. Now instead of having a pitcher in the lineup, we just have… well, Bonifacio. So yeah, essentially it’s the same as having a pitcher in the lineup. But at least in the AL it’s just the equivalent of one pitcher instead of two. Or none, if Fredi decides to keep Bones out of the lineup once again in the series finale Sunday afternoon. One can dream.
In closing, I’d like to share a list I’ve come up with of things that are uglier than the Blue Jays’ unis:
Official HLD&S Position: We heart Canada!