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Ricky Doesn’t Care Where You Went to College.

ricky nolasco.jpgThere are really only two words necessary to describe the Marlins Sunday afternoon series finale against Pittsburgh.

But, just in case you were hoping for something a little more extensive than that, the following completely unnecessary words are here for your reading pleasure:
If there were any lingering doubts as to whether Ricky was really “back” after his early-season struggles, the pitcher obliterated them when he took the mound Sunday afternoon at Land Shark Stadium. Ricky struck out twelve, allowed no runs and just three hits over eight innings, earning his fourth consecutive win and contributing to the idea that a Princeton education means precisely jack when it comes to pitching.
The Marlins bats, meanwhile, decided to exact a little revenge on Ivy Leaguer Ross Ohlendorf, who pitched seven shutout innings against them in April in the series HLD&S likes to refer to as “the beginning of the end.” The Marlins managed eight hits and five runs off of The Dorf, even without Ramirez in the lineup (Hanley’s hip hurt).
In other completely unexpected and/or shocking news, the announcement came during the game that Hanley Ramirez and Josh Johnson are All-Stars
After taking two out of three from the Pirates, the Marlins are three games over .500, just one game behind the Phillies, and looking forward to two long months before they’re once again forced to don those hideous red hats. Ahhh, life is good.

Fish Win. For Real.


While the majority of the nation celebrates Independence Day, HLD&S is celebrating a far more important event in history: the Marlins have finally won a game against the Pirates this season. 
Big Game Andrew had a nice night on the mound (other than trying out his best Chris Volstad impersonation by serving up two home runs), and earned a win for the first time in almost a month as the Fish took on the Buccos in game two of the series at Land Shark Stadium. Miller gave up a total of three runs on eight hits and struck out four in 6 2/3 innings.

While BGA did his thing, Hanley decided that after going 0-for-4 Friday night, he’d had enough of this “no RBI” business. The All Star shortstop jacked the first pitch he saw from Zach Duke, and put the Marlins up 2-0 in the first. 

Meanwhile, Emilio Bonifacio worked to shift Fish fans back to the “love” side of their love/hate relationship with the third baseman. Boni went 4-for-4, tripled, and scored a pair of runs in the game. And we can’t really complain about that, now can we? (Trust us, we’ve looked at this from every angle. We can’t make it work. Sigh.)
Brian Sanches struck out three in an inning of relief, and Dan Meyer closed out the game with a 1-2-3 ninth inning for his second save of the season.
The Marlins have defeated the Pirates. And they managed to do so without so much as a one-minute rain delay.
Let the fireworks commence.

Ugly Red Hats Contribute to Fish Fall to Second Place (Or it could have been how badly they played. It’s a toss-up.)

red hat.jpgWell it was fun being in first place for 24 hours. Or maybe first place wasn’t fun, and that’s the reason the Marlins decided to try their absolute hardest to get out of it as they opened their series against the Pirates Friday night at Land Shark Stadium. Mission accomplished, boys.

Here’s the game in a nutshell:
The pitching sucked. 
The defense sucked.
The offense sucked.
The red hats sucked. 
But the two rain delays were just downright pleasant, so… 
Oh, you wanted a more extensive recap? Well we’d really rather not dwell on any of it, but OK.
The biggest news of the night was Han-RISP‘s RBI streak ending at ten games. The demise of the streak was pretty understandable, considering that there usually need to be runners on base in order to, you know, bat them in. Then again, Hanley went 0-4 on the night, so we won’t blame it all on the lack of offense in front of him.  
Chris Volstad continued his tradition of giving up the long ball excessively, surrendering two home runs–four runs total- in his three innings of work, before the second rain delay of the game shortened his outing. Tim Wood pitched three scoreless innings in relief, which would have been exciting had Chris Leroux not followed him with a three-run inning that ultimately put the game out of reach for the Fish.
As previously mentioned (see above), the defense sucked.
Offensively, there just wasn’t much going on, thanks mostly to Charlie Morton, who held the Marlins to one hit through six innings. Johnny Bakes did his best to get something going for the Fish, knocking in the first run of the game when he doubled in the seventh, and adding a two-run shot in the bottom of the ninth. Ross Gload also drove in a run on a pinch-hit single in the seventh, but thanks to the pitching and defense, four runs weren’t enough as the Marlins lost to the Buccos for the fourth time this season.  
Official HLD&S Position: We still hate the red hats.