About gamefish08

Hi. My name is GameFish, and I’m a Marlins
fan. (This is the part where you’re supposed to say “hi,
GameFish” and clap your hands to show support.) I moved to
South Florida in 1995 as a Reds fan, but during the NLDS in
1997, I fell in love with the Fish. Though a bandwagon fan to
start, I have since cheered the Marlins through good seasons,
bad seasons, world series victories, fire sales, front office
drama, stadium issues, and about 4,678 rain delays. I’m a
real fan. And despite what ESPN and hundreds of extremely
unimaginative sports writers tell you, there are quite a few
of us. And sometimes we even go to games. When I’m not
watching or blogging about the Fish, you can find me behind a
microphone, entertaining people all throughout the Southern
portion of Florida. Once or twice a month my superiors feel
the need to remind me that my morning show is not on sports
talk radio, and that we are NOT the flagship station of the
Marlins. Still, rarely will a morning go by without at least
a minute or two of Fish coverage. I just can’t help myself.
(And the good news is they haven’t fired me yet.) Enjoy my
thoughts on Marlins baseball here at Hook, Line Drive, &
Sinker! I am also blogging regularly at fishstripes.com, so
check me out there for more frequent posts. If you have any
questions, email me at fishstripeskelly@yahoo.com. Go Fish!!!


Florida Marlins baseball, frozen lemonade,
hating the Phillies, Alfredo Amezaga, and campaigning to
prevent/remove all traces of orange from the Marlins
logo/uniforms/advertising. (We are not the Dolphins and you
aren’t fooling anybody, front office