Peace Out, Alejandro

de aza.jpgJoe Frisaro, et. al. report that the White Sox claimed outfielder Alejandro De Aza off waivers today: 

“The White Sox on Wednesday claimed De Aza off waivers.
At Triple-A New Orleans, De Aza batted .300 with eight home runs and 34 RBIs. He also appeared in 22 games for the Marlins, and he had 20 at-bats, batting .250 with a double and three RBIs…
The Marlins are projecting Cameron Maybin will be their Opening Day center fielder. The team also has Rookie of the Year candidate Chris Coghlan in left field.” 

And let’s not forget about another possible beneficiary of the dearly departed De Aza: one Brett Carroll, who at the very least must grin inwardly any time there is news of the trimming down of the Marlins’ plethora of outfielders. 
It would have been nice to see what De Aza was capable of had he not managed to mangle himself each and very time he was given an opportunity to play. Unfortunately, that didn’t happen. Hopefully he has better luck in Chicago.

One comment

  1. ludafish

    Hey Kelly…how are ya?

    Anyways this is very disappointing to me…ive realy like DeAza for a while when he was supposed to start in center years ago. I never thought of your point, about BC, which makes it easier to swallow. I love BC and want to see him get more playing time and spend the year with the club. As for Alejandro…i wish him the best and hope he gets to start.

    So who do we have for the outfield now? I hear the team plans on keeping Coghlan in LF, but indications are him moving to the infield, and im told his natural position is actually 3b (confirm?). John Raynor….Cousins…Jai Miller…those are the other prospects i can think of. I dont like to think of Mike Stanton as a prospect, i think of him as the future. I hear Jai Miller actually has a lot of upside to him. It will be great to see who is out there since there will be no MVP Jeremy Hermida. Im happy to hear Ross will be back next year. We also need to remind people Maybin is 21(22?) and still needs to grow. I dont know if next year we can be as good, but im feeling great about the next couple of years when we develop these kids.
    Hope to see some posts of what youre hearing or thinking of. Take care

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