Happy Father’s Day. Now Go Away.

empty land shark.jpg

It was a pretty depressing scene at Land Shark Sunday as thousands of dejected fans filed out of the stadium after Derek Jeter grounded out to end the game. 
Oh. Wait. This is a Marlins blog. After spending three days rubbing elbows with a stadium-load of New Yorkers, listening to louder cheers for Jeter than Ramirez and hearing deafening chants of “Let’s go Yankees,” we got a little turned around there. Strike “depressing scene” from the record, please. Let’s go with “joyous event” instead. 
At least the small percentage of Dads sporting teal and black enjoyed a nice treat for Father’s Day. (Well, as nice a treat as possible, anyway, when surrounded by thousands of sore losing Yankees fans who–according to reports from the stadium– were all apparently spoiling for a fight.)

After four straight losses it appears Volstad may be back, folks. Chris went six innings, giving up three runs on five hits and earning his first win in nearly a month. And while Volstad was busy remembering how to put together a quality start, Hanley Ramirez was working on a little memory-jog of his own, at last recalling how to hit for power. Nothing says “Happy Father’s Day, Fish fans” like the first HanRam home run in 101 at-bats. 

Of course, Matt Lindstrom did his level best to make the day even more special for the Dads in attendance, giving up two runs after recording two outs in the ninth. I guess he figured one-run nail-biters are far more exciting than a ninth inning void of theatrics and multiple runs, and he wanted to help make the game as memorable as possible. Mission accomplished, Matt. And thanks, as always.

One incredibly disappointing aspect of the game for Marlins fans was CC Sabathia leaving after just 1 1/3 innings when he decided it was too hot to pitch  experienced some tightness in his bicep. We may be pushing it to complain about any aspect of a series victory over a team whose bat boys make more than the majority of the Marlins starting lineup, but seriously. First A-Rod sits two games, and now this? Come on Yankees, how often do fans get the pleasure of watching a Cy Young winner pitch against… Oh. Right. This is now a weekly occurrence for the Marlins. Never mind.
Unfortunately, according to Joe Girardi, the Marlins win is null and void due to a botched double switch in the eighth inning, which–as everyone who watched can attest–had a tremendous impact on the outcome of the game. So just when you were all geared up for several more years of Yankee-free baseball, there’s a chance the two teams will have to go at it again.
While you’re protesting that, Joe, I’ll be protesting the unfairness of trying to enjoy one of the best series of the season feeling like an unwanted guest in my own home. If the Marlins do have to play the end of the game over, HLD&S votes they do it in New York. 
The real one.


  1. fishfins

    I can’t see MLB upholding the protest and playing the last 2 innings again. There was only 1 pitch thrown, and it wasn’t put in play, so really, it wouldn’t have mattered if a mermaid or a manatee was playing LF. The Yankee announcers brought up the point that Girardi should have waited to until Coghlan made a play on the ball, then protested, because he would have had a stronger case. Maybe Joe just isn’t that smart? But seriously, the gaffe only lasted for 1 pitch that was a called strike; if Selig makes them play the 8th and 9th over again, he must be working for ESPN.

  2. jtmuscle

    Great blogisode. Love the part about Sabathia and the heat. It isn’t just you and I who feel that was the real reason fat-boy left the game. Biceps indeed.

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