You can’t spell Badenhop without H-O-P-E


Um, you can’t spell it without B-A-D, either, but let’s just move on from that. 

The Fish have just been swept by the Pirates. The time to panic be real annoyed is now. What can we learn from this series in Pittsburgh?  That PNC Park is to the Marlins record as Jamie Moyer is to the team’s batting average. Good riddance, Pittsburgh.

And now on to the real meat and potatoes of this post. It seems the powers that be have completely ignored my bold declaration of Badenhop‘s rightful place in the starting rotation (see yesterday’s blog), and are actually, like, tossing around some other ideas. Seriously, people? We all know that Burke should start Sunday. Let’s look at the facts:
  1. With a name like Penn, it is a given that you should be pitching in relief. Embrace your destiny, Hayden
  2. If Badenhop doesn’t get the number 5 spot, there will be at least an 88.6% droppage in the amount of times we get to hear and/or read the name “Burke Badenhop.” It’s a fun name. Even if he stinks real bad, there’s that. And let’s not forget Badenhop’s many derivatives. Hopper, Hoppie, Hop? Come on. What do they call Dan Meyer or Sean West for short? Nothing that fun, I assure you.
  3. Dan Meyer is one of the few dudes in the bullpen right now who doesn’t make me want to gouge my own eyeballs out with a fork. Let’s just keep that going, shall we?
  4. Badenhop’s name appears first on the Marlins pitching roster. Coincidence? I think not. Unless you take the fact that they are listed alphabetically into consideration, which I don’t, since that does nothing to help my argument.
Well, it’s not as fancy as an actual pitching analysis complete with complicated decimal points, percentages, and squiggly red lines (which longtime readers of HLD&S have come to expect from this blog), but I think my argument in favor of Badenhop making the rotation is a solid one. 
*position subject to change pending performance Sunday. 


  1. mattpeas

    I’m just as shocked as you are. the bucs played great ball these past three games. I’m thrilled for the owning of the best team in baseball. But keep your head up. Han Ram,hermida, maybin, and bonifacioare no slouches. You’ll have agreat year at the plate

  2. onaku

    Well, if there was something good that came out of it, for a while there after the 3rd inning Nolasco was looking good (till two outs in the 5th), and Sanchez pitched a pretty good game too.

    Also, I think Maybin might be on his way out of it.

    Unfortunately, I think Uggla may have a bit of a long rut. He’s hitting the ball well…just right at people.

    I hope and pray that Han Ram makes some sort of adjustment…and Cantu’s hand NEEDS to get better…he’s just too good a hitter to be on the bench.

  3. rsanchez1

    Onaku, it felt like everyone hit a ball straight at an outfielder the whole series. The balls just flew right to where the Pirates were standing.
    Also, the time to panic isn’t now. We have the Phils to beat up on this Friday.

  4. onaku

    Oh, I’m not in panic mode, not even close. In fact, I’m pretty happy about where we are…we just got swept and we STILL have the best record in the major leagues, I think that’s pretty awesome (dispute the sweep).

    My thing with Uggla is that he’s been smashing the ball around the field since Washington and not getting anything cause its been right at people, and I fear he may try and change up and get into a bad habit…really, he could use a good knock. I really like the way he was hitting in the beginning (of the beginning) of the year with men on…

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