Bad Friday

anibal-sanchez_392.jpgI don’t mean to be blasphemous, but it’s extremely difficult to refer to today as “good” when the Mets are in town.

As my tied-for-least-favorite-team-in-the-world takes on the Fish at Dolphin tonight, I’ve got a feeling the Mets are out to a) prove that the Marlins are only 3-0 because they opened their season against the Nats, and b) try and pay us back for once again ruining their shot at October baseball last September.
John Maine starts for the Mets tonight. I don’t like him. Nothing personal really, just the fact that he wears blue and orange, and is tough on my Fish. Anibal Sanchez starts for the Marlins. I do like him, but I must admit that I’m a little nervous to see if he has found his pre-surgery command and has gotten a little closer to the Sanchez form I used to know and love. (The I-beat-the-Rocket-even-though-he-was-juiced-and-tossed-a-no-no-my-first-season-in-the-bigs form.)  I guess that remains to be seen, but after watching some pretty good Marlins pitching to start the season, I’d like to keep it going.
For reasons whose initials are N-Y, I will not be at the stadium tonight. Mets fans are so much easier to drown out when you have a mute button at your fingertips.*
*Lee Ellen, my favorite Mets fan HLD&S reader, please consider your lovely self exempt from all animosity contained within this post. You should host seminars on fan etiquette for your fellow New Yorkers.


  1. gamefish08

    Wow! I’ve got a psychic reader on my blog! Dude, I know we’re rivals, but I could totally use your help with a few bets I have going on in the baseball world. Bookies to please and whatnot. whatcha say???

  2. phurrballe

    Thanks Kelly for the exemption. 🙂 I don’t like many Mets fans myself. Love the team, dislike many of the fans 🙂 Probably blasphemy to say but I cannot tell a lie!!!

    Marlins are a tough team for the Mets and these games are always a lot of fun. I like them MUCH better in April than in September though.

    Happy Easter Kelly.

    Lee Ellen

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