When I look back at my life as a Fish fan, yesterday’s Board of County Commissioners meeting just might stand out in my mind as one of the the greatest moments in Marlins history.
Sure, a boring old county meeting may not be as sexy as a walk-off hit in game 7 of a World Series. It may not seem as victorious as defeating the almighty Yankees in their own house in game 6 of a World Series, or watching a rookie toss a no-hitter. But for me right now, old dudes in suits, pie charts, boring speeches and hours of debating are right up there with walk-off grand slams in terms of baseball excitement.
Yesterday, 13 months after their original vote of approval, the Miami-Dade Board of county commissioners voted 9-4 in favor of the Marlins retractable-roof baseball stadium. Holy cow.
If you’ve never spent any time rooting for the Marlins, it’s tough to explain what this means. I took a stab at it a year ago, and I think my words then still sum up how I feel right now:

Since becoming a Marlins fan in 1997, I have been longing for the day the Fish could stop living out of a suitcase at the Huizenga Hotel, and have a home to call their own. To be honest, I could care less about the comforts of a new stadium. I would be willing to suffer the heat, the rain, the bad sight lines, etc., so long as I was guaranteed the Marlins would stay in South Florida. Obviously, I’m one of very few who feel that way, and since a new stadium is the only way to ensure a future for the Marlins, it has been at the top of my wish list for years… No matter what I write, if you’ve never rooted for the men in teal, there’s just no way for you to fully comprehend the plethora of emotions coursing through Fish fans right now. With the exception of former Expos fans, most people never have to consider the possibility that their favorite team won’t exist in a year or two. While the average baseball fan worries about reversing stupid curses next season, Marlins fans are busy biting their nails over whether or not there will even be a next season. Instability makes each and every trade, fire sale, payroll cut, and cracker jack price-hike a stressful situation. A stadium isn’t about comfort at this point– it’s about the difference between having a team to cheer for, and having memories of a team that I used to cheer for before they skipped town.

There you have it, folks. The stadium is approved at last. That means the Florida Marlins are on the brink of stability, and right now that word means worlds more to me than any other term in the baseball dictionary.

{Victory Dance}


  1. onaku

    Woooo! You gotta love it…now the big hurdles are done, we just have the smaller ones to get through (like annoying car salesmen and bonds) and come July there will be ground broken.

    Worst thing about all this is I only have a half year to enjoy being half a country away from my beloved Marlins, before I move to the other side of the world…but it will take a plane crash and a popped escape raft to keep me from opening day 2012.

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