Hello Helms, Hit the Road Hurk

HELMS.jpgWhile I still haven’t quite forgiven him for his year in Philstripes, the Marlins have welcomed Wes Helms back with open arms. He was acquired from Philly late Saurday night, and I will admit I am not quite ready to rejoice. Especially not when he struck out in his first plate appearance, and– much worse– carried a Phillies team bag into the clubhouse with him yesterday afternoon. Seriously. Own you no other luggage, Wesley? I don’t want to have to bust out the .jpeg of you leading the pack of Phils from the dugout last season in the infamous benches-clearing melee, but I will if you push me (and fyi, carrying anything Philadelphia-related into Dolphin Stadium is pushing me).

Jason Wood was DFA’d to make room for Helms’s new hairdo on the 25-man roster. 

Thumbnail image for HURK.jpgIn another unexpected move, pitcher Rick Vanden Hurk was optioned to double A Carolina after the game yesterday. Seems the Fish aren’t all that appreciative of Vandy’s propensity to throw 62 pitches per inning, and last fewer than 3 innings per start. Go figure. I will now officially have very good reason to type the name “Burke Badenhop” as much as my heart desires, since Burke is expected to join the team and the rotation in Washington today. It’s the simple pleasures in life, folks, it really is.

Hopefully Burke has figured out strike three, a pitch that has eluded Vanden Hurk the past few starts (and one that is pretty necessary, when winning is the goal).

On to our nation’s capital!   

One comment

  1. marlinsin6

    I’m with you on this one. VandenWalk didn’t belong in this roation from the beginning, and at the very least, hearing the name Burke Badenhop for a little while should be fun!

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