Official HLD&S Statement:

"In light of recent events–namely the ones that have ripped the heart out of the Florida Marlins ball club and shipped it off to Detroit–the editors of Hook, Line Drive, & Sinker are observing a day of mourning. Please remove all caps as you peruse the site, and say a prayer for the devastated souls Miggy and Dontrelle leave behind. In lieu of flowers, HLD&S officials are requesting donations of large quantities of prescription antidepressants."



  1. Kelly

    Jason- Not quite ready to be excited about that, when you consider that none of the kids we got in return will bat .320 with 34 HRs and 120 RBI, or log 200 innings next season.


    Wow, I just noticed you red-X’d out Miggie and Willis on your side margin….>>>>

    I am pretty disappointed in the Marlins for doing this. I actually feel bad for the fans. You guys are true blue and they basically carved a hole in the middle of your loyalties. I know I sound like a terdy broken record but I bet Scott Olsen really steps up next year. He has the potential. Plus I like his ‘tude ๐Ÿ™‚

    Ok, I will stop bothering you now Kelly….I mean. I *DO* have to watch Omar do nothing for the Mets, you know…LOL

    Lee Ellen

  3. Kelly

    Never a bother, Lee. But I have to say, as a Mets fan, you should be HAPPY about the blockbuster. ๐Ÿ˜‰ No more Shea massacres in which the D-Train manhandles the NY lineup, and blasts 2 or 3 homers in the same game.

    As for Scott, I’m hoping for the same. I was disappointed in 2007, to say the least. The Fish still need to go after a starter, though. We need a veteran arm to balance out the kiddies.

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