Random Musings

I haven’t the energy or desire to dissect last night’s loss to Colorado. We lost again. Olsen tanked again. I got rained on again. In lieu of a game summary, or the public airing of my post-defeat angst, here are a few things I have been mulling over in an attempt to ignore my inner misery:

Declaration of Nonattendance

Dolphin_2 The use of the word "announced" in reference to attendance was a bit confusing for me before I began going to Marlins games regularly. It only took a few rainy Tuesday night contests (against teams such as the Nationals) to give me a full understanding of the word’s journalistic necessity.

"The Marlins fell to the Rockies in front of an announced crowd of 11,534." –Some Sportswriter

Allow me to translate:

"According to the Marlins, 11,534 tickets were sold for tonight’s game. I understand their desire to believe that number to be accurate, I really do. However, I’ve got a sneaking suspicion (maybe based on the fact that I counted a total of twelve cars in the parking lot) that only 1% of those people actually used said tickets. The others likely opted to stay at home and cry in their beer in the air conditioning, rather than watch the Marlins get spanked live and in person (and in the rain) for the seventh time in eight games."

I guess "announced" just takes up less space in a column.

The Sign of the Times

"Marlins’ lack of deals signals team out of playoff contention" South Florida Sun Sentinel 

Sky_1I’m not sure who is responsible for writing the headlines for sun-sentinel.com, but whoever it is may need to pay a little closer attention to the Marlins. Is the "lack of deals" really the signal that the Fish are out of contention? Because, gosh, I thought there were a few small signals well before the deadline. You know, like the fact that we lost 7 of our last 8 games. That we’re 11 1/2 games back in August. That we haven’t had a winning streak longer than four games all season. That most of our starters can’t manage to give us more than five innings. That 85% of the team is on the DL…

I suppose some people just need to see the writing in the sky. Look up, my friends.

The Power of Three

"I’ve been one pitch away." Scott Olsen

Happy_place_3Could someone please have a conference with Scott Olsen’s brain and remind it that in order for a half-inning to be successful, one must record THREE outs?

While two outs and an 0-2 count does seem a rather favorable situation for a pitcher, it is the final strike, which signals the final out, that matters most. This fact is problematic, seeing as Scott’s mind decides to float away to its happy place (pictured) once two outs have been recorded.

Last night, for what seems like the millionth time this season, Olsen gave up a bushel of runs after getting two quick outs. He seems to be the biggest repeat offender, but Scottie isn’t the only Marlins starter who has struggled with retiring batters with two down (*cough*Willis*cough*). It’s like our pitchers decide to take a mental holiday once they complete 2/3 of an inning.

Is there some kind of therapy for this? A pill? Let’s figure it out before we end up dropping 49 of our next 50.



  1. Bobby

    Hey Kelly…nice blog! I used to be an avid blogger about the Fish but had alot of stuff go on in my life and kind of fell out of it. Been on MLBlogs since the beginning. Glad to see someone else actually caring about the Marlins around here. Not sure if we know each other online(marlinsbaseball.com) but glad you’re around!



  2. Kelly

    Thanks, Bobby! I don’t think I’ve visited marlinsbaseball.com, but I’ll check it out. I’ve tried to stop caring, I really have (especially after games like last night’s), but it never works. I’m officially obsessed. 🙂

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