Lex Luther

"Davis [had] one of his best outings of the season, allowing three runs on five hits in 6 2/3 innings. He also struck out a season-high eight batters and walked only two, to which the Major League leader in walks jokingly said, Hooray."   diamondbacks.mlb.com

Even Doug Davis knows that recording season-high strikeouts against the Florida Marlins is similar to winning a 400-meter dash because the guy racing you breaks his ankle. I’m pretty sure it would be a good idea for all strikeout records broken by the Fish to simply be "stricken" from the record books.

Monday night, though Dontrelle finally managed to pitch a decent game, the Marlins decided to continue their trend of making mediocre pitchers look brilliant. Didn’t I discuss this in our midseason pep talk? You know, the words of wisdom that were supposed to inspire the team to greatness in the second half?

Oh well. It’s not exactly a shock, since the Marlins always struggle against soft-tossing lefties. As I predicted before the series, our Super Offense was due for a little drought, and those irritating, 2 mph pitches were just the kryptonite needed to make it happen.

Though I never enjoy losing a ball game, I was extremely grateful for Doug’s dawdling on the mound, which gave me ample time to complete a long list of activities (mow lawn, build barn, write 700-page dissertation on evils of steroids in baseball), and still not miss a single swing of the bat. At least the evening (or early morning) wasn’t a total waste.

And I thought Jamie Moyer was leisurely.

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